The Strategy and Statistics of a Sit ‘n’ Go Poker Tournament Winner

A few years ago, when I started playing no-limit hold’em online, it was like a roller coaster – up and down, indefinitely. A friend suggested that I should start playing online in sit n go tournaments. I had never played in a poker tournament. But at that point, I was ready to try anything that could offer some sanity and stability.

Then, a little discouraged, but still confident, I went in immediately. And I promptly lost my first seven tournaments. Then, something strange happened. On my eighth sit n go, I won first place. Then, three tournaments later, there was another result in the first place. I had no idea what had happened, or how I did it. But, I was hooked. In fact, sit n go tournaments are the only game I have played since. I never went back to normal games.

Instead, as you can probably tell, I was absorbed in learning all I can about these fascinating games. At first, I thought I could discover four or five simple and elementary rules that, if always followed, would guarantee the success of sit n go. Naive of me. It seems that there are literally hundreds of strategies and thousands of tactics. Not to mention all the so-called secrets.

And to really frustrate the subject, even if you learn and apply all the strategies and tactics QQ Online, you can still lose. The game is not pure science. It is also an art form, where creativity can have as much dominance as any formula. Then there is the question of luck. You can rarely win a tournament without a greater share of luck than your opponent.

However, I continued to research and hope to discover the set of rules or elusive code that would explain everything. Deciphering the sit n go code – this has always been my ambition, my quest. Unlocking the Da Vinci Code, if you like, from sit n go poker would be a dream come true.

Well, I’m not sure if I finally cracked the code or not. But now I know where it’s hidden.

In fact, there seem to be only a few elementary rules. Unfortunately, these simple rules can be extremely difficult to apply. Nor do they guarantee absolute success. However, in the long run, they separate the big winners from the marginal winners and the losers.

In other words, the few rules that make up the sit n go code are more like business best practices. Follow them and finally blossom. Or, break them and eventually stumble.

The rules were discovered by studying the game statistics (statistics) of a group of notable single table sit n go winners (main group). Then, for verification, contrasting these statistics of collective victory with the statistics of losing players. Immediately, the correct way to play became very clear.

In other words, the code is hidden in the game statistics of winning sit n go players.

However, I didn’t stop with the main group, but I continued to compare my findings with the statistics of other winning players. My conclusions have always been supported and confirmed. Consequently, I have no doubt that if a player mimics the winners’ statistics, shown below, they can also become winners. It is almost as simple.

However, it is difficult. Because unlearning bad habits and then learning good ones is a very difficult task. And, one that can take a long time. Anyway, if you are looking to improve, now you have in this article some of the most important rules for the success of sit n go. And you’ll know where to go when you’re ready to discover the rest of the code.

The winning statistics will be presented in a more frequent occurrence interval format. The intervals work well, because there will always be individual skills and preferences. Therefore, intervals allow for a certain personal latitude or individuality, even within a regime of best practices.

Even though all members of the main group were consistent and big winners, none reached all the prescribed victory strips. Suggesting that everyone, even the winners, have their small and well-hidden game failures, weaknesses or personal preferences. And, also suggesting, that you don’t have to strive for perfection to become a winner.

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