The Professional Gambler

This article is about who you want to start out with, or rather, who doesn’t. The Professional Gambler is not a flamboyant player who makes a lot of noise and calling attention to himself. He, or she, will not be the player making the extravagant high-roller bets. No, the real pro is a quiet, reserved, serious player. The professional gambler knows that to stay ahead, it is necessary to treat gambling as a business; a profitable business.

The professional gambler does not “go out for a night (or day) of gambling.” You see, the pro would never assume that he or she would be playing all night. In fact, the pro will usually know within the first 30 minutes of whether or not to play or call it a day. When a professional gambler goes to play, it is with the specific intent to win, not to entertain himself and others. This is work. This is a job. You see, there is no way how long it will take to win (or lose enough), but when it comes to the pros and cons of one, those limits are reached and the discipline to recognize it and act accordingly link nhà cái.

Occasionally, you may have a professional to play. No, you probably won’t remember it. There is nothing for the professional player except for the fact that he gets ahead and then quits! He doesn’t hang out and continue playing because he or she is “gambling out for a night out.” If professional gamblers want to be entertained, they go to a show or a movie. Gambling is not an “activity” so many tourists look upon it. You go to Vegas or Atlantic City and you gamble all night. That is what the recreational gambler will do. They find it very easy to rationalize … something like this; “Well I played all night and it only cost me $ 200. That’s not so bad. Free drinks with a night of entertainment.” This is the tourist mentality. Oh sure, you know how somebody went to Vegas and won. It can happen. Something more goes into account
“I was up 3 or 4 hundred but I lost it all.” You’ll never hear a professional make a claim like that. If one is gambling to make a profit, then they will recognize that 3 or 4 hundred is a very healthy profit and will be long gone.

The professional gambler is a guerrilla fighter. They are not there for a marathon playing spree. Once again, the pro is there to win. Winning or losing usually doesn’t take that much time, certainly not all day or night. Sure, they might catch a winning streak and believe me; The pro will recognize it and ride it to the end. But more than once, the play of a pro will last only long enough to make the days profit or lose the max for that day. When a professional wins big, there is no chance that the casino will ever see that money again. The Pro is too smart to give the casino that chance.

As far as systems go, the professional is also very smart to think that there is really a system that can consistently beat the casinos no matter what game you are playing. Instead, the professional gambler will use proven strategies and betting techniques to enhance his or her chances of winning. Very few decisions will actually be made at the time of play. Most of the pro’s decisions are made before they approach the game. They will stick with their basic strategies and betting methods or progressions. You won’t see a pro ever “chase his money.” A pro can, and will, accept the occasional loss. It happens. Like a professional gambler to a salesperson that works strictly on commission. There will be days when you will make no money or even lose money if you take into account travel expenses, etc … instead of the professional gambler, learners look at the cumulative total. It’s not “how much did I win or lose today?” But more like, “How much am I ahead of the month or year?”

Professional poker players about here. They are a class by themselves! In fact, some poker players do not consider themselves gamblers. These players contend that poker is a game of skill and that they are very skillful. All that I have written above does not really apply to the professional poker player. I will probably, in the next few months, write an article about them. A very interesting breed, indeed!

If you are a professional gambler, you can learn more.

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